That's a wrap! Final QUEST Meeting

The QUEST consortium met together for the final meeting of the project in Brussels on 30 May. During the meeting the partners went over all the outcomes that have been achieved throughout the project's duration (i.e. the QUEST Tool, the Technical Manual & the Data Engine) and their impact, as well as follow-up steps in the future. 

The QUEST project aimed to help investors & building owners integrate quality management services (QMS) into their building projects to ensure that their requirements during the pre-design phase are met when the building units are operational and by doing so, decrease the risk of investments not delivering upon what was intended. The project has developed an easy-to-use tool that predicts the added value of QMS, while the Technical Manual provides information on how to both use the tool and take practical steps to integrate QMS into your building projects. 

In a next step QUEST aimed to set the foundation for a data engine which could continuously gather building data to fine-tune the (financial) impact of QMS on building projects, which has been achieved with the development of the QUEST data engine.

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