QUEST Certifiable Processes

QUEST has developed certifiable processes for verifying the application of the Data Engine. These can be slotted into or applied in parallel with the rules of certification authorities such as LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, COPILOT, etc. QUEST proposes four post-project evaluation processes:

1. Basic post-project evaluation

2. Advanced post-project evaluation

3. Certified technical monitoring and advanced post-project

4. Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management, for example, combines the advanced post-project evaluation of Certificate 2 with the Building Certification, and Technical Monitoring Certification. Users are free to select their preferred Building Certification. Flow charts of all the certifiable processes are shown here. These processes should respect formal certification rules and the international ISO 17065 standard.

Certificate 1: Basic Post-Project Evaluation

The following is the most basic certifiable process provided by QUEST and is based on the application of QUEST questionnaires before and after a building project.

Certificate 2: Advanced Post-Project Evaluation

The following flowchart describes the Advanced Post-Project Evaluation process which integrates guided interviews into the basic evaluation of Certificate 1 to improve ‘soft’ data, such as perception of technical risks.

Certificate 3: Certified Technical Monitoring and Advanced Post-Project Evaluation

This flowchart describes the Certified Technical Monitoring and Advanced Post-Project Evaluation which, in addition to the Certificate 2 requirements, requires Certified Technical Monitoring (TMon) of real operational performance of the building during normal occupation.

Certificate 4: Total Quality Management

This certification process combines the classic building certification with the Technical Monitoring Certification and the Advanced Post-Project Evaluation. Users are free to select their preferred building certification. This is reinforced, if appropriate, by a Technical Monitoring Certification of building performance in normal operation to maximise real-world impact. Projected performance is compared to actual performance.

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