Recording of QUEST-Webinar on the Taxonomy and Predictive Tool!

Missed our webinar on the impact of the EU Taxonomy in building projects and the QUEST Predictive Valuation Tool?

When investing in energy efficient building projects, the actual energy performance of the buildings regularly turns out to be worse than what was predicted pre-construction. This puts investments at risk as the return on investment is lower due to higher energy costs. The EU Taxonomy provides a roadmap to reach the EU’s environmental objectives but this increases the challenge and pressure for real estate investors to assess how an investment is truly sustainable and brings the desired emission reductions.

This webinar goes deeper into the opportunities and challenges that the EU Taxonomy brings for asset managers, mutual and cooperative insurance groups that invest in sustainable building projects. The QUEST-Tool is presented and how it helps de-risking financial investments in building projects through the integration of Quality Management Services.



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