QUEST Engagement Workshop with Building Services Engineers

On 3 November 2021 the QUEST consortium held a productive closed workshop with the 43 members of the REHVA network during the Technology & Research Committee at the REHVA Brussels Summit 2021. As REHVA represents building services engineers across Europe, the core members of the network work gathered for a focused session on QUEST and Quality Management in Buildings. 

Project coordinator Dr. Stefan Plesser (synavision GmbH) introduced QUEST and how quality management services can support to close the gap between calculated & actual performance in buildings. This was followed by a presentation from Cormac Ryan (COPILOT) on how the QUEST toolbox can be applied to easily calculate the added value of quality management services into building projects. To receive feedback from the REHVA members Prof. Dr. Ivo Martinac moderated a discussion on QUEST and our methodology, where it became clear from a poll question that the REHVA members mostly find that the key issue for quality management should be to address the building performance gap. Members who expressed their interest in the QUEST methodology have been invited for a follow-up (by invitation) workshop on 25 November 2021, where our consortium will gather stakeholders from both the finance & building industries to discuss quality management and how the QUEST toolbox can help in its application.

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