European Commission announces Renovation Wave Strategy

Last week the European Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson, and the Commission Vice-President for the Green Deal, Frans Timmermans, have released the Renovation Wave Strategy during a joint press conference. Strategic priorities have been set with the aim to introduce policies that would double renovation rates over the next 10 years and ensure that this leads to higher energy and resource efficiency. By doing this they hope to have at least 35 million buildings renovated by 2030 and up to 160,000 additional green jobs created within the construction sector.

The strategy will prioritise the decarbonisation of heating and cooling systems together with tackling energy poverty and renovating public buildings such as schools and hospitals. It will aim to do this by introducing a strong obligation on Energy Performance Certificates, ensure more well-targeted EU funding and stimulate private financing for energy services.

The QUEST project aims to contribute to this latter objective by developing an easy-to-follow methodology for financial investors to better evaluate the risks associated with investments in sustainability and energy efficiency. „QUEST helps investors and portfolio owners to successfully implement the most effective investment strategy“ says Dr. Stefan Plesser, coordinator of the European QUEST project. „Our partners de-risk their real estate investments through our unique empiric data on measures of improvement and quality management services.“ QUEST is currently partnering and piloting in several European countries.

Intersted in de-risking your real estate investments? - Please contact our project coordinator Stefan Plesser: .

Read the full Renovation Wave strategy here.

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