Closed Workshop on Quality Management in Buildings

Last week, on 25 November 2021, the QUEST project organised a highly succesful interactive workshop with international stakeholders to discuss how quality management helps to de-risk financial investments going into building projects. The workshop was closed and by invitation only to get focused feedback on the QUEST methodology & toolbox.

Investments in buildings are often at risk as many projects are faced with a "building performance gap" where the predicted performance of buildings during the pre-construction phase does not match the actual performance. The QUEST project aims to act as a bridge between financial actors and technical expertise by supporting the integration of quality management services to address this performance gap.

During the workshop the QUEST consortium gathered 16 international stakeholders, representing asset managers from different countries, as well as international experts from research insitutions, consultancies and European associations on verified performance in buildings, to discuss quality management in relation to the performance gap, how it connects to the EU Taxonomy requirements and what QUEST does to support closing this gap. In particular the QUEST tool was presented and how it can be used as an easy to use tool to calculate the value add of different quality management services (QMS) in building projects.

The aim of the workshop was to gather a small group of international stakeholders to get feedback on the QUEST methodology & toolbox that has been developed in the last two years. The workshop was a big success with a lot of interactivity during poll questions and engaging discussions. Among others, it was noted that there is a high potential for the QUEST tool if it can also calculate the CO2 cost in buildings and the impact that QMS can have on this. 

In February 2022 the QUEST consortium will publish a Technical Manual on how the QUEST toolbox can be applied to serve as a European standard for documentation of measures and applied quality management services. 

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